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Thaddeus Watkins Jr

Spanish Interpreter SteadPoint GroupHoover, Alabama

Biographical Info

My name is Thaddeus Wendel Watkins Jr. I’m from Hoover, AL and an aspiring es-en interpreter/translator. When I’m not spending time with my language work, I enjoy investing time with family, friends and my church community. Growing up, sports were a formative part of my life. Playing baseball, basketball, football, etc. has helped instill values such as hard work, dedication, loyalty, endurance, positive attitude and many others. During middle and high school, I was actively involved in my church’s youth program. There, I had opportunities to learn, fellowship and serve others. The next part of my journey was Mississippi College. 2013-2016 was a tremendous period of growth academically, emotionally, spiritually, and relationally. The Modern Language Department is a special group of people who have helped me to see the great beauty and value that communicating in another language possesses. Our words, in whatever language, have power to kill or destroy. Put in bondage or set free. Working in the language service industry for me is a way to be an agent of good in a world that is torn in many ways.

Education/Professional Credentials

-Cervantes Institute DELE Level CI

-Completion of Professional Interpreter Program: Virginia Interpreting Institute (waiting on certificate to arrive in the mail)

-English Listening & Speaking Test ILR4

-Spanish Listening & Speaking Test ILR3

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