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Jonghee Shadix

Korean Interpreter Birmingham, Alabama

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Jonghee Shadix, MA-TESOL/RN, BSN was born and educated in Korea (Nursing) and educated in the United States(RN, BSN, & MA-TESOL. She taught English pronunciation and Intelligibility at UAB to international graduate students and scholars for 13 years taught in the English Language Institute for 4 years before she retired April 2017.
Currently, she has been working as a medical interpreter/translator for M&N Language Services, LLC since June 2017, and currently going through technical editing process for publishing a textbook for Pronunciation and Intelligibility Training for international graduate students and scholars.


National Medical Center College of Nursing (RN/ BSN)

UAB School of Nursing (RN/ BSN)

MA-TESOL (University of Alabama)

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