Language Access

ITAA is a member of the Alabama Language Access Project (ALAP), which is dedicated to strengthening awareness and implementation of language access policy in Alabama to protect and advance civil rights.
The project uses policy education, advocacy, training, and resources to help organizations and governments adhere to national best practices.
ALAP seeks equal access to resources and opportunities for immigrants regardless of their limited English proficiency.

The goals of the Alabama Language Access Project are to:

  • Establish a network of organizations and individuals who are working to increase language access in Alabama
  • Create a central point of contact and clearinghouse of information on language access issues in the state
  • Educate stakeholders in Alabama, including providers, interpreters and translators, advocates, and the Limited English Proficient population, on the importance of language access and relevant laws and regulations
  • Build our capacity in Alabama to serve the Limited English Proficient population by increasing access to training for professional interpreters and translators in medical, legal, and community interpreting
  • Research and advocate for tools to improve and institutionalize language access procedures, such as legislation, language access plans, and federal complaints
For more information on ALAP and resources on language access, go to